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Glitched at Home.

Project that took place the first months of the pandemic. Knitted on a domestic knitting machine utilising jaqcuard and a technique developed called reknitting. 

Glitch - a sudden, usually temporary malfunction or fault of equipment

I am stuck at home. The world has glitched. There are gaps everywhere that cannot be crossed. Only through the internet there is a small connection. Where we have to stay positive and be optimistic until the day we can reconnect.

I am knitting patterns of items I find around my house. I leave gaps around them to signify the glitched world and the lack of connection. There is though, always some connection through the internet but it is not thesame. The patterns are items for my home but a home without connections with friends and family makes ithard to feel home wherever you are. The floats in the pieces represent that connection and how we can makethis situation better. Recover those connections and make the best out of them as we can.

Framing this work like photos. The ones we have of our family in our homes.

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